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Boatbuilding & Repair is a demanding career!
It involves a high level of skill, constant decision-making and meticulous care, creativity, patience, time and forethought. The trainee must master specific trade skills & technologies, understand their effect on the vessel in the water and develop refined "soft skills" t
o interact with the industry's customers that often demand excellence.

These demands have created a constant need for qualified workers as competent people are hard to find and even the smallest mistakes can be very costly. This is good news for those seeking a sustainable, rewarding career.

The Maritime Technical Center is a project to provide
lucrative technical training and certify 48 trainees annually!

Planned to positively impact lives, the location for this Workforce Development and Re-training venture is in a known yachting area, ideally situated for the constant enrollment of new students. Modern training methods based on 'engaged learning' principles offer an increased potential for success.

MTC is a not-for-profit organization established to build an advanced, fully equipped Technical Training facility for the marine industry trades. We plan to provide the required training for a Certificate that is respected in the marine industry.

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