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MTC's mission is to promote the marine industry as a career choice and to help improve the quality of Marine craftsmanship by building a pool of certified professionals.

To achieve this we, are launching a modern, advanced and fully equipped Boat Building & Repair Training Center where anyone
can train for self-employment or for a potentially lucrative job in an industry that is in dire need of skilled labor.  
Planned to positively impact lives, this workforce development and re-training venture uses training methods described as 'engaging learning' which deliver a great potential for success. With a focus on providing well-qualified craftsman and craftswomen who can complete complex tasks
independently and within the allotted time, MTC will make a positive contribution to the marine industry.

The plans for the Maritime Technical Center include -

1.  To establish an Advanced not-for-profit Technical Training Center for marine industry trades

2.  To make this training available to anyone

3.  To encourage the freedom of expression - being creative is a requirement at MTC

4.  To build a pool of qualified boatbuilding & repair tradespeople that can be trusted to do quality work in an unsupervised fashion

5.  To build a pool of suppliers supporters to introduce their new products or services to our trainees

6.  To become a central source for innovation, new product testing and industry information



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