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Marine Electrics

The foundation of modern technology is derived from electrical and electronic integration.  The marine electrician works in all areas of marine electrical and electronic installations and repair on yachts and ships.

This craftsmen gets the opportunity to work with some of the best constructed and diverse pieces of equipment in the electrical world - as only the best will survive in the marine environment.  As opposed to other construction industries, he/she will interact with Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) and many other ranges of voltage and frequency. Additionally, the unique nature of an electrical system floating in an electrolyte (the boat in the water) adds to the excitement of this job.

A relatively new addition to the electrical side of the marine industry is automation.  Automation essentially gives a vessel a brain of its own.  A basic example of automation is an auto pilot with GPS and chart plotting integration.  This combination can steer a vessel around the world with little human intervention.         

 Other aspects include:

bulletBasics of Electricity and definition of terms
bulletReading, design & interpretation of wiring schematics
bullet Measuring electricity  
bulletBasic electrical circuits, testing equipment, panels, instruments, fuses
bulletBasics of electric motors and testing
bulletStorage - Batteries, battery banks, types, safety and testing. Battery selection, testing
bulletTesting and repair of charging systems
bullet Electrical and electronic faultfinding and troubleshooting methods; emergency procedures and plans
bullet Setting up emergency power



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Marine Electrics
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