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Planned Courses
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Planned Courses

To enter the Boatbuilding & Repair industry, there are a good selection of schools to send you on your way. The challenge is selecting the right school that makes the most of your strengths and best matches your natural talents to the job. We pride ourselves in making that a priority. With an integrated approach to the trades, we believe that all trades "matter" in the execution of every job. The following courses are offered:

bullet Woodworking: learn to build the internal structure of a boat and to create a unique space for the owner's comfort
bullet Composites: many boats are made with fiberglass. Learn to create mold designs that become new and useful items, or to repair breaks
bullet Machinery/Mechanics: do you enjoy working with mechanical parts or fix engines? Use this talent to get into the marine world with a large availability of jobs
bullet Electrics/Electronics: learn to light up the boat and power its devices or tools. Some tasks are similar to general construction jobs
bullet Seamanship/Boat Handling: people who work on boats must know how to move boats safely under all conditions. Learn from our Captain Richard
bullet ...... and much more:
Want to be your own boss? Join us for classes in Project Management and Entrepreneurship.

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Machinery & Mechanics
Marine Electrics
Seamanship/Boat Handling
...... and much more

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