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Rating Charities!

Sponsorship should be beneficial for both partners.
Charity Navigator appraises charities, giving them a star-rating based on various parameters. This service provides potential donors a means to select the right charities to support. Selection should be based on the charity's programs, mission and goals.
Most helpful is a list of questions that a sponsor or donor should ask a charity before deciding on support.
MTC is too young an organization to be rated by Charity Navigator, w
e have asked ourselves these questions and are posting our answers to  here below.

6 Questions you should ask a Charity

1.  Can the charity clearly communicate who they are and what they do?
MTC will tell you....

2. Can the charity define their short-term and long-term goals?
MTC will tell you....

3. Can the charity tell you the progress it has made (or is making) toward the goal?
MTC will tell you....

4. Does the charity's programs make sense to you?
MTC will tell you....

5. Can you trust the charity?
MTC will tell you ....

6. Are you willing to make a long-term commitment to the organization?
MTC will tell you .....






Download all 6 Questions here.

For further information, write: jody@boatbuildertraining.org

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