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The Management policy at the Maritime Technical Center is focused on developing solutions to the lack of skilled labor in the Boatbuilding & Repair industry, by providing a workpool of qualified individuals. It was found that new entrants often do to achieve success, causing disillusionment and a departure from the trade. Our goals are to develop training methods that bring success, and this requires a suitable blend of people with diverse skills and experience.

A particular set of management skills is needed in all aspects of the marine industry, particularly due to the cyclical nature of the business sector.  Management needs to be effective at dealing with great fluctuations in market conditions. Management must remain proactive rather than reactive in this environment. An environment that remains lucrative, despite the economic downturn.

Corporate Social Responsibility

"CSR is a reference to how a company manages its overall business processes, targeting them to produce a positive impact on society."

MTC is planned a CSR enterprise whose effect is much greater than its Trainees, its Employees, its Board Members or Executives. Our Mission stretches to include the industry's business partners, suppliers, customers and all others who are interested in improving the lives of others and improving the labor situation in the marine industry. 

A great and powerfull team has already being assembled to lay the groundwork for this undertaking. Collectively, we have over 40 years of experience in the marine industry, over 33 years in general construction and over 20 years in Education and Project Management - but more talent is needed.

If this interests you, feel free to write: jody@boatbuildertraining.org, or call (510) 932-9900

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