Training the Next Generation of Marine Professionals

To be located in Richmond, California, just a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, Maritime Technical Center is ideally situated to launch an advanced, fully equipped boatbuilding and repair training center where apprentices will train for well-paying jobs or self-employment in the marine industry. MTC aims to accomplish the following goals:

Train and develop a highly qualified pool of boatbuilding and repair tradespeople who will provide outstanding workmanship with minimal supervision.

Make this training available to anyone who qualifies, regardless of financial circumstances.

Build a pool of supplier-supporters who will assist in trainee development by introducing products and services.

Become a central source of industry information as well as a center for innovation and new product testing.

Expected Outcomes

Trainees will undertake a four month and a half course of study at Maritime Technical Center. Using engaging learning methods, our experienced educators will teach trainee to perform complex tasks with skill and professionalism. Intensive hands-on training in boatbuilding and repair will accompany the formal instruction. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have developed the personal and professional skills needed to enter the workforce confidently and succeed.