Curriculum Overview

Maritime Technical Center students will undertake a four month course of study taught by experienced industry professionals and will earn a technical certification in preparation for employment. Intensive hands-on supervised training will give students the practical skills they need to succeed at well-paying jobs. Creativity and innovation as well as teamwork and problem-solving will be emphasized.

MTC's comprehensive curriculum will include the following subject areas:

  • Woodworking: Learn to build the internal structure of a boat and create a unique space for the owner's comfort.
  • Composites: Many boats are made of fiberglass. Learn to create mold designs that become new and useful items. Learn to repair breaks.
  • Machinery/Mechanics: Work with mechanical parts and repair engines. These skills are in high demand in the marine world.
  • Electrical/Electronics: Learn to light up a boat and power its devices and tools. This work is similar to an electrician's work at general construction jobs.
  • Rigging: People who work on or around boats must know how to move them safely under all conditions.
  • ...and much more! For those who want to start their own business, MTC will offer classes in project management and entrepreneurship.