MTC will recruit and accept trainees of all genders, ages, demographics, financial status and nationalities.  Anyone who is interested in building a career in the marine industry and who is willing to commit themselves to that goal, is welcome.

MTC will also promote to a group of individuals that have yet to be offered an opportunity to enter the marine industry.  The following trainee sources will be included:

Career centers:  Career centers have a pool of individuals that want to improve their lives and the lives of the ones closest to them.

Partnerships with community colleges: Some community colleges have the need for a marine industry education but don’t have the resources.


To satisfy today’s need for instant gratification; MTC’s trainees will experience a fun but rigorous and short training process to get them into the field and earning a paycheck as soon as possible. Highlights of training goals include:

We will be Producing "Tradespeople"

The graduates of MTC will not be fully knowledgeable in one particular trade, but they will learn the fundamentals of specific required marine trades to give them knowledge of how a vessel functions as a whole. This is a deviation from most other training centers, and provides them with the knowledge to meet the multi trade requirements of the majority of the boatyards.  It also provides a basis that makes it easier to further train our trainees if there is the need for a single trade specialized craftsperson.

  1. Self taught: We will not only teach the trades but also train the individuals in the principles of self-learning; it’s not always the learned knowledge that is important, but also knowing where and how to gain the knowledge you need quickly and efficiently.
  2. Problem solving:  Most problems can be assessed and properly diagnosed with a simple process.  We will apply this process to the curriculum of every course.
  3. Planning principles: Inadequate project planning is one of the biggest culprits of wasted man hours and cost.  The trainees will be given guidance on efficiently planning every project.


We will strive to get trainees hired and earning a paycheck in as short a short time.  Leveraging our extensive vendor network build over 15 years, we will involve not only local boat builders and repair yards to place our graduates, but also product vendors and other companies outside the marine industry to find jobs for our graduates. 

After the graduates have completed 1 year of working in the field, they will be invited for retraining in order to keep their knowledge fresh and up-to-date.