Wylie 40 fleet

Designed by the renowned Thomas Wylie the Wylie 40 is modeled after the Wylie 65 the Derek M. Baylis.  The mission is to build 10 Wylie 40's and put them into service on both coasts to serve as platforms for marine scientists and marine science educators to conduct their much needed work. These vessels will sail the seas as a group or individually to collect data

If the current 40 is not completed by the time we open our doors we will move it to our shop, complete the vessel and put her into service.  If she is then we will move the molds and all parts associated with her and begin construction on the second vessel.



The first of 10 is already underway!

Hull construction

The Wylie 40 has a cored hull with a fiberglass and carbon skin.  Some of the benefits of a cored hull are:

  • the weight to strength ratio - your vessel is faster and more efficient
  • reduced condensation - less mildew and you wont feel like your entering the amazon every time you go down below
  • less sound transference etc - because of the additional thickness and the fact that wood is a great insulator sound.
W40 - 07 - 10.17.jpeg

Aft deck

The expansive aft deck is one of the primary features that makes this vessel so versatile.

  • perfect for programs for up to 18 youth and chaperones to conduct education programs
  • allows for a variety of science equipment for deployment during Science expeditions.
  • allows for up to 18 people to talk and mingle during private charters or event cruises.
W40 - 05 - 10.17.jpeg
W40 - 06 - 10.17.jpeg
W40 - 09 - 10.17.jpeg